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Video - Workers Memorial Day observances at the Arizona State Capitol.

 Arizona Republic spotlighted Sheet Metal Workers Local #359 work with area Scouts.

 A Major victory for organized labor in Arizona. A U.S. District Court judge says that two of the Arizona Legislature's anti-union bills are unconstitutional.

AFL-CIO Now Blog -- Recent News Stories

Union Women in the Rust Belt Stepping Up for Clinton

A new article at Bloomberg takes a look at union women in the Rust Belt and finds that more and more of them are supporting Hillary Clinton.

Trying to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve's open market committee concluded its two-day meeting to set U.S. monetary policy. In a vote that divided the Board of Governors, appointed by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate in an open public process, and the presidents of the regional bank board presidents, chosen by boards dominated by banks within their region, Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the FOMC, announced the FOMC decided to hold steady to its current fed funds rate. The fed funds rate is an overnight interest charge made between banks loaning reserves to each other. If it is higher, the cost of making loans goes up, and that reduces liquidity for the business and consumer sectors. Lower liquidity means less borrowing for business investment or consumer purchases like homes and cars. In turn, that means slower demand, and translates into slower growth for jobs.

Worker Wins Update: Groundbreaking Contract Victories in Multiple Industries

When working people come together and win the contracts, it proves that our raising wages agenda drives economic stability. Working people across the country are creating better lives for themselves and turning those workplace victories into political power. These latest worker wins show what the power of collective voice can achieve.

Working Families in Action

When they aren't on the job, working people put their time and effort into helping their community and working for the issues and political leaders who fight for us. Here are some recent examples of working people in action.

Union Women Step Up to the Plate to Elect Worker-Friendly Candidates

On Sept. 13, more than 40,000 union women from across the country joined a telephone town hall to discuss what’s at stake this election cycle for working women and their families. The event was hosted by AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, the highest-ranking woman in the labor movement, and featured AFT President Randi Weingarten; Maria Elena Durazo, UNITE HERE general vice president for immigration, civil rights and diversity; and Linda Hinton, Communications Workers of America (CWA) District 4 vice president. These leaders rallied their sisters to join the fight to elect worker-friendly candidates up and down the ballot who reflect the economic priorities of working women and families.

Is It Time for the Federal Reserve to Put the Brakes on the Economy?

We recently blogged about the hopeful U.S. Census Bureau release finding the fastest middle-class wage growth on record and a falling poverty rate. However, the Census finding and the 4.9% unemployment rate have some declaring that it’s time for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates.

New Poll: Trump's Support Among Union Members Is Dropping Fast

The more union members hear about Donald Trump—he supports dangerous "right to work" laws, refuses to negotiate with working people who formed a union at his hotel and ignores union issues—the less they like him. 

Unite Here Local 11 Calls for OECD Investigation into Long Beach Westin Hotel--Complaint Filed against French Firm Natixis

In May, a Westin Long Beach Hotel maid, Juana Melara, and waiter, Francisco Abdul Estin, traveled to Paris. However, this was not a typical European vacation for these two working people. They were there to discuss their working conditions and their right to join a union free of interference with Natixis, the French parent of a company that oversees their hotel.

'We Must Build a More Just System for Migrants and Refugees': AFL-CIO's Tefere Gebre to the United Nations

AFL-CIO Executive Vice President Tefere Gebre addressed the United Nations today about embracing this historic opportunity to create a more just system for migrants and refugees

Gebre is a refugee from Ethiopia and walked 93 days through the desert as a teenager to find his freedom in America

Here are Gebre's remarks to the United Nations (after the jump). 

Donald Trump Doesn't Value Unions or Working People

Time and again, Donald Trump claims that he has union support. He panders to working people but still doesn't get it: He doesn't talk about collective bargaining or the right of workers to stand together for a better life. 

His words ring hollow and working people know it. He won't get our support on Nov. 8.

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