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Video - Workers Memorial Day observances at the Arizona State Capitol.

 Arizona Republic spotlighted Sheet Metal Workers Local #359 work with area Scouts.

 A Major victory for organized labor in Arizona. A U.S. District Court judge says that two of the Arizona Legislature's anti-union bills are unconstitutional.

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SPEEA Wins Boeing Case, Workers to Split $47 Million

Nearly 500 current and former Boeing Co. employees who worked at two Southern California plants will share in a $47 million award after an arbitrator agreed with the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA)/IFPTE Local 2001 that the company wrongfully denied the workers union representation in 2001.

Join Teachers in Washington, D.C., this Saturday to Help Children Get Their 'First Book'

Anyone in the Washington, D.C., area interested in helping children learn to love reading? If so, come down to the AFL-CIO headquarters this Saturday and volunteer for the Books on Wheels event, sponsored by First Book. The AFL-CIO and the AFT will be teaming up with First Book on Saturday, April 26, between 6 a.m. and noon, to collect, sort and distribute books to area children.

Northwestern Players on the Verge of History

Football players at Northwestern University will make history this Friday that has nothing to do with yards gained, tackles made or touchdowns scored. They will be the first group of collegiate athletes—athletes who are the key to the $6 billion-a-year big-time college sports industry—to vote on joining a union.

Workers Standing Up—from Evanston, Ill., to Mount Everest—for Fairness and Safety

This week is a big one for workers fighting for a voice and fair treatment on the job. Northwestern football players are voting on union representation on Friday and Sherpas who work as guides for Mount Everest thrill seekers are on strike for safer conditions and fair pay. 

Ohio Working Families Kick Off 2014 Election Mobilization

Today the Ohio AFL-CIO unveiled a new video to launch its 2014 campaign to mobilize and educate working family voters for the fall elections. The video highlights the battle over Gov. John Kasich’s (R) efforts to end collective bargaining rights for the state’s public employees through 2011 legislation known as S.B. 5. It offers viewers a review of the S.B. 5 protests and the successful campaign to repeal it by an overwhelming 61% to 39% vote in November 2011.

Here’s What We’re Reading: Wednesday News Roundup

Here are some headlines from the working families’ news we're reading today (after the jump).

Inequality and the 1% Rule

In what should be considered standing logic on its end, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled this week that while public colleges have an interest in having a racially diverse student body, nonetheless, the racial majority of a state can vote to remove racial diversity as a goal. This is a radical and activist reinterpretation of the Constitution, since by strict construction, the 14th Amendment had been added to explicitly limit white majority action to deny full legal protection to the newly freed slaves and their descendants. The purpose was to limit majority rule from becoming mob rule, continuing a legacy of inequality.

JetBlue Pilots Vote to Take Off with ALPA

The more than 2,600 pilots at JetBlue Airways have voted overwhelmingly to join the Air Line Pilots (ALPA), the National Mediation Board announced today.

Taxpayers Subsidize Walmart and America's Richest Family to the Tune of $7.8 Billion Annually

A new report from Americans for Tax Fairness shows that taxpayers in the United States subsidize Walmart and the Walton family, who owns the majority of Walmart stock and is the richest family in the country, by at least $7.8 billion annually. The report, Walmart on Tax Day: How Taxpayers Subsidize America's Biggest Employer and Richest Family, was released in conjunction with tax day, when millions of Americans and small businesses do their civic duty and pay their fair share to support the economy and services critical to many Americans. At the same time, the report shows, taxpayers help pad Walmart and the Walton family's profits in direct and indirect ways.

UConn Students Lead the Way on Collective Action

From the classroom to the basketball court, the University of Connecticut community is widely embracing the concept of collective action. The school that set the standard for basketball excellence this year by winning both the men's and the women's national championships is making news as the college's students are stepping up and acting collectively to improve their lives.

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