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Dec. 8 Press Conference & Vigil for the Unemployed and for Jobs

Despite all reports coming from right-wing ideologues, public sector unions are not responsible for failing state budgets or seemingly insurmountable deficits. According to the research conducted by Sylvia A. Allegretto, Ken Jacobs and Laurel Lucia in their study The Wrong Target: Public Sector Unions and State Budget Deficits (hence forth referred to as Target) one thing becomes painfully obvious: the American people have been misled at the expense of teachers, firefighters, police officers and anyone who benefits from public sector employees. Read more >>>

GCA Services Group, Inc., a firm that contracts with the City of Phoenix to provide janitorial services at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, has agreed to entry of a consent decree by a federal District Court ordering the company to restore its employees' rights to organize a union without threats and intimidations. Read more >>>

In This Issue:

  • Gosar-A-No-No
  • As One Strike Ends, Another May Soon Begin
  • Get Out The Labor Vote
  • Labor Day Activities


Congressman Paul Gosar's voting record has left seniors and workers just saying NO!

In this special issue:

  1. ATU Bus Operators Set to Vote on Veolia Offer
  2. Redburn Strike Update
  3. Verizon Workers on Strike
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In This Issue:
1. 45,000 Strike At Verizon
2. Move On Event Planned
3. Veteran for Veterans Seeks Help
4. Where's the LUV
5. GOTV Municipal Elections
6. PALF & MALF Celebrate Labor Day Read more >>>

Arizona's Worst Politicians

Arizona's Worst Politicians Press Conference July 27, 2011

In This Issue

  • Jobs Held Hostage
  • Redistricting Meetings
  • GOTV Municipal Elections
  • PALF & MALF Celebrate Labor Day


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Redburn Strike Update July 18, 2011

Officials at Reburn Tires notified the Teamsters on Friday that the striking warehouse workers at Redburn have been permanently replaced.

Members were devastated when they heard the news but will continue to man the picket line according to Jerry Ienuso, Business Rep for IBT Local 104.

An Unfair Labor Practice complaint was filed with the NLRB against Redburn Tires in late May and that complaint is still pending. The NLRA prohibits the replacement of workers who strike to protest an unfair labor practice.

Please show your support for the striking workers at Redburn Tires. This is a critical time for them and they need all the assistance we can give them.

The Strike line is active Monday-Friday 7AM to 10AM. The location is Redburn Tires, 3801 West Clarendon Avenue Phoenix, AZ 85019-3783.

In This Issue:

  • Redburn Strike Update
  • Look For The Union Label
  • "Arizona's Worst Politicians"
  • PALF & MALF Labor Day Picnics
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Two hundred and thirty five years ago a profound set of ideas were written down on a simple sheet of parchment and from those ideas a new nation was born.

For the first time in history a people rose up and proclaimed they had a fundamental right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That government should derive its power, not from kings, but rather from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive and violates the unalienable rights of the people; it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it. Read more >>>

In This Issue:

  •  A Bum Rap -National Labor Relations Board just doing its job
  • Teamsters on Strike at Redburn Tire Company
  • TSA Employees Elect AFGE as Their Exclusive Union Representative
  • PALF Endorses Candidates Who Will Stand for Working Families
  • MALF Scholarship Offered to Union Members and Their Children


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