An anti-union bill has passed the Arizona legislature.

SB 1268 interferes in our private contracts.
Union contracts are negotiated between workers who are associated by choice in Arizona and management. Solidarity among workers is the reason why our contracts are strong. SB 1268 would interfere in our contracts and let management negotiate wages, benefits, and even sick and vacation time individually with workers, weakening the power of the workers and ultimately their union contract.

SB1268 requires unions to double report information that is already public.
The Department of Labor and National Labor Relations Board require extensive documentation from American labor unions on their activities and finances. SB 1268 would require unions to report that information to the State of Arizona, wasting union time and resources to duplicate administrative tasks already required by federal law, and subjecting union leaders who make clerical errors while filing to felony perjury charges.

SB1268 violates federal law.
Federal laws such as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act, Labor Management Reporting and Disclosing Act, and National Labor Relations Act define make many of the subjects of SB 1268 the purview of federal law, not state law.

SB1268 violates the United States Constitution.
Unions whose members work in public safety, schools, and other public agencies are granted exemptions from the laws that SB 1268 imposes, and federal courts have ruled that exempting public unions in this manner violates the Equal Protection Clause of the United States Constitution. If the bill passes, it will be challenged in court, and the exemption will be a subject-- ultimately requiring Arizona taxpayers to pay for a costly lawsuit.