On March 29th, the Arizona AFL-CIO co-sponsored Women in Organized Labor, a Women’s History Month celebration featuring legendary labor leader and civil rights activist, Dolores Huerta.

The following article was originally published in the Phoenix Business Journal on March 3rd, 2022.

A secretive network of billionaire investors, corporate lobbyists, and conservative lawmakers is working behind closed doors to rewrite our laws and limit our freedoms.

Phoenix, AZ — On Wednesday, the Biden Administration announced its intention to revoke Arizona’s occupational safety and health plan after the State’s failure to meet basic federal health and safety guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement follows Arizona’s refusal to follow federal OSHA’s temporary infectious disease standard in June and comes one week before Workers’ Memorial Day, where on April 28th each year, Arizona’s unions honor workers who have passed away due to work-related illness or injury. 

Liz Shuler is the first woman ever elected president of the AFL-CIO.

She took over a time when the world of work has been turned upside down.

Union organizing is happening in some unexpected places, and sometimes in ways that disrupt the traditional union playbook.

LABOR PRESS: You’ve been given such a huge responsibility now, with the death of your friend Rich Trumka [In August she was appointed to serve the remainder of his term.] But the entire time you’ve been involved, labor has been struggling to come back. Do you have a secret plan? What can the AFL-CIO do to rebuild the labor movement?

It was deeply disappointing that just days after our nation paid homage to the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on his birthday, the same senators who praised his name struck down critical legislation that would have strengthened our election systems and ensured every American has the fundamental right to vote.

In a world in which members of political parties seem more interested in defeating the will of the electorate, if it means defeating their political rivals than improving the lives of countless Americans, the filibuster has become the weapon of choice. The filibuster, a Senate procedure, has been used to sideline and stop bills without there ever being an actual vote on the substance of the proposed legislation.

"We are building pathways and support structures to grow a bold, inclusive, and transformative movement — I think that's pretty badass," says Shuler, the first woman elected president of the AFL-CIO in the labor federation's history.

here weren’t many strikes in recent decades in which working people scored big victories, but the 1989 Pittston strike was one. Two years earlier, the Pittston Coal Company, in Pennsylvania, dropped out of a trade group that had negotiated a union contract with the United Mine Workers, and the company demanded cuts to miners’ health benefits.

The U.S. tech sector is the next frontier for labor organizing, and its workers are starting to understand the collective power unions have, President of the AFL-CIO Liz Shuler said on Friday at the Reuters Next Conference.