Pssst. Here's phones for Arizona US Reps and US Senators

Sometimes a citizen just needs to call his or her representatives in Washington to make sure they're working and not goofing off.

So here are the direct line phone numbers for the entire Arizona delegation to Congress. Tell them you want answers!

Arizona's U.S. Senators
John McCain R (202) 224-2235
Jeff Flake R (202) 224-4521

Arizona's U.S. Representatives
District Name Party Phone
1 O'Halleran, Tom D 202-225-3361 
2 McSally, Martha R 202-225-2542 
3 Grijalva, Raul D 202-225-2435
4 Gosar, Paul A. R 202-225-2315 
5 Biggs, Andy R 202-225-2635 
6 Schweikert, David R 202-225-2190 
7 Gallego, Ruben D 202-225-4065 
8 Franks, Trent R R 202-225-4576 
9 Sinema, Kyrsten D 202-225-9888