Maricopa Area Labor Fed Supports S.W. Airline Flight Attendants

On Monday, August 8, 2016, passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport saw Union picketing by Members of the Maricopa Area Labor Federation (MALF) directed at the management of Southwest Airlines.

“This is not the Southwest Airlines management team that it used to be,” said MALF Chair Michael Broadhead. ”Just last week, four of Southwest Airlines largest Unions passed a "vote of no confidence" resolution directed at Southwest CEO Gary Kelly and COO Mike Van de Ven.”

Transport Workers Union Local 556 (TWU), the Union of Southwest Airlines Flight Attendants called for picketing across the country in ten cities including Phoenix.

“This is an informational picket, not a strike,” said Broadhead, “ but designed to increase awareness of the untenable situation faced by Union Flight Attendants. Just like anyone, they are growing frustrated with management’s delay tactics, while the company is making record profits during the negotiations.”

What does any of this have to do with Southwest Airline’s passengers? Consider this: two weeks ago Southwest suffered a massive technological meltdown that resulted in thousands of cancelled flights over a four day period. Crew members and other employees point to management’s focus on increasing stockholder’s return by stretching resources beyond limits.

 MALF with 65,000 members from about 40 unions, is part of the statewide Arizona AFL-CIO.