Trump Goes "Papers Please" on Immigration


January 27, 2017 – President Trump’s Executive Order on immigration reads like a  Joe Arpaio “paper’s please” handbook on steroids.

This Executive Order offends our Constitution and Arizona U.S. Senator’s McCain and Flake must step up to prevent this dangerous Order from doing to America what Joe Arpaio nearly did to  Arizona.

The president has said for his entire campaign that he would target “dangerous criminals” for deportation and saw little opposition from citizens regardless of their political leanings.

But that’s not what he’s done. The Trump Order envisions a Deportation Force that can roundup and deport more than the dangerous criminals he’s talked about. The Executive Order makes no distinction between someone who is a undocumented killer and a undocumented grandmother ticketed for driving with a burned out taillight. In Trump world ANY violation of the law is grounds for immediate deportation no matter what or when the alleged offense took place.

The Trump Order paves the way for local police departments to engage in mass deportation; charging someone with a crime then turning that person over to the Deportation Force and shipped out of the country even before there’s a trial.