No on Props 105 & 106

2019 Phoenix Ballot Initiatives
On August 27th, 2019, two initiatives will be put before voters in the City of Phoenix.

Proposition 105: Anti Light Rail
Using dissatisfaction with the proposed South Phoenix light rail alignment, groups backed by the Koch brothers circulated a ballot initiative, touting it as a way to stop the alignment. However, the truth of the initiative is much worse: it would stop any new light rail construction and place a ban in the city Charter on rail-based mass transit. While issues over the alignment of new rail lines can always be worked out with the people, an outright ban limits the cities’ ability to offer new mass transit options to riders, would lose the city millions of dollars in federal funds that are promised for light rail construction, and stop Arizona workers from securing union jobs in mass transit or construction of the lines.

Proposition 106: Anti Public Employee
Under the guise of “fixing” the pensions of City of Phoenix employees, Councilmember Sal DiCiccio and out of state right wing operatives circulated a petition to stop any new spending in the city budget so long as the public employee pension system is not funded at 90% for the City of Phoenix. This means any new salary negotiations, any new hires, or any new initiatives would be stopped until the city reaches an astronomical liability percent, which no other city, town, county, or even the state would have to match. The effect on unions that work with the city would be immediate and long-lasting, as the unions would have virtually no room to negotiate.

The Vote
The pro-labor vote is a vote against both of these initiatives.

The Maricopa Area Labor Federation voted to OPPOSE both ballot initiatives, at their regular meeting held on May 29th.

Working people in Phoenix are asked to VOTE NO on both initiatives on August 27th.

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